Hawaii, Home

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Home - noun; “The place where one lives permanently, esp. as a member of a family or household.”

My series, “Hawaii, home”, depicts the oceans of Hawaii from my perspective. Every time I see the horizon of the ocean, I wonder what is beyond it. China, my home country? Japan, the country I lived in for 13 years? The ocean I see is a link to my past. It reminds me of a precious time, and gives me a connection with my countries, homes, and memories. The ocean is also where I can listen to the voices within and feel myself.

For some reason I have been returning to the islands of Hawaii for the past 5 years to photograph. Somehow I felt a deep connection to the islands. Was it because Hawaii is located in the middle of Asia and America? Was it because Hawaii reminds me of my countries, my homes? I kept asking myself but I couldn’t find the answer.

Last year, on Big Island, I met many friendly people from other states who fell in love with Hawaii. When I asked them why they moved, I got the same answer from all of them: “Because this is our home.” I was deeply touched by the word “home”. Where is my home? I didn't know where I belong for a long time. But when I look at the pictures I took in Hawaii, I find my answer. Hawaii gives me a sense of serenity. It fills me with memories of my past that are almost forgotten in other places. I feel at peace there with myself and the world, and that is what home is to me. How about you? Did you find your home? Where are your home?





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